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Lao Tsu and the nature of anarchism
The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be.
--Lao Tsu

Roughly a millennium and a half ago a Chinese librarian wrote these words (and numerous others) about the way the world works (the tao). After spending his life tending the Imperial library, reading all the knowledge of China and observing the lives of men from all levels, he retired his post and wondered off into the country side. Before he left he was asked to write his collected knowledge. Now this book is called the Tao Te Ching.
He saw humans as part of nature, and any evolutionary psychologist will tell you he was ahead of his time. All his statements were based on this realization and recognition that humans are governed by natural laws and that generally human laws are juxtaposed to the natural order. Within the soul of the human is the ability to be free. It has been human history that for every step backward into the darkness of slavery and authoritarianism man has taken two steps forward into freedom and anarchy. Anarchists have been around for thousands of years. Anarchism will be around after governments are forgotten. It will be around long after it has lost it's name and it simply is the way that things are. Anarchism will be around until the last human dies, because anarchism is an essential part of the human spirit that cannot be destroyed.
As water flows down hill, so does humankind move toward freedom. Though it may be dammed by fear, or even pushed backward by it, there is always a gnawing, a lingering, in the soul for the power of self-determination. No dam will stand forever. It requires energy to stop the flow of nature, and eventually all forces that fight nature succumb to her power. Anarchism does not need to be created. It does not need to be given to society. Anarchism is within every human being. It only needs to be found. The way of nature is freedom, and nature has infinite patience.

... but it must be recognized that no one can be given the way. No person may walk the path for another, but only show that path. I don't know if freedom can be given. I'm not even sure if it can be taken. Freedom is within the self perhaps as much as morality. The government does not need to be crushed, it is irrelevant. Laws never meant anything to the moral person. If something is just you do it, if something is unjust you don't do it. Damn the consequences.
By becoming free within the self one can begin to achieve freedom in the external sphere. This is my belief and my experience.


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