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My last /. post....
While talking about operating systems some slashdotters brought up religion, so I figured I'd post my little bit. The original post is here

RedLaggedTeut - Well, as for myself, my PC runs OT/NT
Well, as for myself, on my PC the operating systems installed are OT(old testament) and NT(new testament).

While I like how the OT is handling faults from a theoretical point of view, in practice I mostly use the NT, since applications keep on running and work together well.
Exluddite - Re:Well, as for myself, my PC runs OT/NT
Yes and things have really improved from OT to NT. Used to be that when the system crashed, you were down for 40 days, with NT you're back up and running in 3.
Anonymous Coward - Re:Well, as for myself, my PC runs OT/NT
I gave up the OT/NT system some time ago because it's outdated and restrictive. There are also several logic errors, and it hasn't yet found a good way to interface with the current standards of Science. I've seen some very creative third-party work on these problems, but usually they're clunky and work poorly
because of the closed nature of this system.
That's why I've switched to BN*UT based on the Skeptic kernel. With Belive Nothing *Until Tested, I can recompile my operating system as needed.


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