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I am the excess population

I worked at a school as a technical support specialist. At the same time I was building software for that school that could be used by school districts around the world (open source). I build a samba server for this school. I've shown my worth again and again.
Recently I was "asked to leave" because some of the faculty didn't like the way I looked. They said I was "setting a bad example for the students"....

I'm a highly skilled professional and yet I'm fired for my appearance. Not because I wear "Fuck Authority" patches, or anything like that. No, I know this is a school. I dress in cut-off dickes work slacks and work shirts. I keep my punk gear for my days off. No, I was informed I'd broken a dress code I'd never read... that actually wasn't available to the public for another week...
I have 2 large rings in each ear, a nose ring, and a dread hawk. No matter how highly skilled I am, (I have an AS degree in computer science) I can't get hired. I can't even get a chance. The only way I can dress how I want and be who I want to be is as a criminal. Anyone think that maybe typical rural American narrow mindedness might have something to do with the underground society? There is a complete hatred of free expression central to American business culture, is it any wonder so many of our youth opt in exchange for some form of liberty? The only people who are truly free to express themselves physically are piercers and tattoo artists...

I don't know what to do about it either. Everywhere I go in this town people recognize me as the computer guy. "Man, this kid is a genius on computers," "Oh, your that smart kid. My kid went to school with you..." Blah blah blah... I hear this stuff all the time, but I can't even get a job at taco-bell because of the way I look. There's no point to this really, I'm just kind of pissed off that in a "free" country I can't deviate one iota from the norm without being threatened with starvation. Because I don't want to look like everyone else I am deemed as part of the excess population to be imprisoned for various invented crimes, executed, and disposed of. Doesn't that bother anyone else?
I guess that's not what bothers me as much as the fact that there are LOTS of people deemed to be part of the excess population, not for seeking freedom but for being born the wrong color in the wrong place. I guess what I'm trying to say is WHAT THE FUCK!!

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Between the lines: "Setting a bad example for the students, [out of whom we hope to smother any creativity and whom we intend to release into the world with minimal literacy and no consciousness of the world beyond their pithy career goals]."

Public schools are a very messed up system. I'm sorry it happened to you. I say - print up some business cards and freelance. Hand them out to all those people who remark on your skills. You'll make more on a per-contract basis and no one will have to worry about whether you meet employee dress standards.

I'd love to freelance (and on some rare occasions I have) but most of the people who know about how good I am are too poor to pay me. This community has 3 computer stores (two of which are completely incompetent) and innumerable private computer repair people. It seems the niche is pretty much filled.
I'm just gonna go back to school and get my Masters. People have pulled some strings for us and we've managed to find a way to work things out within the constraints of the system. I still have to put in plugs and trim my gote` but at least I can work.

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