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What the bible is really missing
For quite a while now I've known there was something wrong with the Bible... something... missing. But no more...

Only the +7 Blood of Christ can defeat the Price of the Damned!
I mean, honestly, great mythology. That's some really creative and out-there stuff. Now I know it's not as consistent as a lot of the other modern mythologies like Star Wars (there was that strange kiss in the movie, but nothing like contradictions in the Bible), and the fan fic just doesn't make as much sense, but I still have to be impressed. However, it's really the stuff that surrounds the cannon that's the most interesting. Seriously, raising gholems by writing the word "alive" on the hand or curing blindness with the "abracadabra" spell (yeah, really), that's just waiting to be put into a good game.
"You have rolled a 9, you have now removed the blindness spell cast by the great Ziz. Ziz drops from the sky racing at your golem, what would you like him to do?."
Really, that use of the Bible just makes way more sense than living your life by it.


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