How is it that work can be incredibly interesting one minute, then boring as all hell the next. I got a chance to build 3 *nix boxes for a class that will be taught next semester. One is Solaris 10, one Redhat8 (I kind of wish I could have put fedora 3 on it but oh well) and one is slackware 10 (which will be upgraded to 10.1 as soon as I set up swaret).
It's jolly good fun to grab scrap pieces of different boxes and fit them together to make one good one. I already ran across a bad processor and what I think is a bad ide connection or two bad cd drives (I'll find out in a bit). I love working with scripts too. The problem comes in that I only have 2 power cables and 2 kbs, mice, and only one monitor, but 3 boxes. I have to wait until bloody solaris and redhat are done before I can even start on slack, and solaris takes FOREVER to set up. I thought corporate unix was supposed to be MORE easy to use, seems anarchy wins again.

fucking windows! again!
It takes a windows box to crash on BOOT after a FRESH INSTALL. wtf is that shit?

fuck windows
Only a windows box could crash while uninstalling something... If they were using linux here my job would be SOOOOOO much easier.

So I've been accepted to Chico. This coming semester I'll be going. Jolly good. Now I just have to finish my classes, get like 5 cars running, build at least one super computer (possibly two), and.... yeah something else. My classes will happen, but I don't know how much else.
It'll be nice to get off this hill though. I'm entirely sick of driving half an hour every day to get to any town. I can't stand having to drive 2 hours to get to anywhere interesting. Chico should be a trip.
On the other hand I've moved all my life. I think the time I've spent here has been the longest I've stayed anywhere in a while... at least anywhere I could tolerate. I have friends here that are closer than any friends I've had before. And I have a job now at the college. They wanted me for longer, but I told them I was leaving in the summer. Oh well... Trade-offs suck.

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So I'm walking through K-Mart and this guy comes up and asks me if I'm in to acting. He says that he's an amature director and that I've got the perfect look for a movie he's working on....
So I'm kind of interested... He tells me he's working on the prodigle son for a local church and he starts telling me the story.
It's not all that amusing except that it's kind of been part of a pattern lately. Just before that this guy started telling me how cool he though I was b/c he thought I was aryan nation. I guess he didn't catch the "Nazi punks fuck off" button on my jacket. Hum... I think I need a bad religion button next.
Oh well, if I had the time I'd probabbly help this guy with his little movie. It's good karma to help people out, right? But yet Christianity has been used for so much evil... the idea of spreading Christian propaganda doesn't strike me as a good one. But then again, as the Buddah said, "there are many roads to the top of the hill, but the view is always the same." If people are lead to enlightenment through my actions, even if it leads through something I don't believe in. But my own path came through Christianity...yet I had to leave Christianity to continue on my path.

How odd my life can be at times...

Of all the things I should be doing this isn't one of them. Unfortunately I ran across a reminder of Alexa... yeah. It's odd because I know I should forget about her. I know it's best for me to forget about her. I know she'll probably always be the way she is and nothing I can do will change it.
I know this, but I don't want to forget. All of my emotions go against my better sense.

And the irony of the whole thing is incredible. I seduced her with NIN- Perfect Drug... and she is. She has this way about her. She's confusing... I'm not even sure what I want anymore. I want her to be happy... but I don't see that happening. Her life is a Shakespearian tragedy....... but sometimes I think that's what she wants. Even knowing this I still want her....

Now I just have to figure out how to forget what I want and do what I need to do.

... The thing that bothers me most though isn't that I'm not with her, but that I don't know if she's safe. I don't know if she's ok. If I knew she was with someone who would take care of her I'd probably would be fine by now, but the way things are I don't know if I'll read about her death in the paper... or since I don't really read the paper I don't know if she's dead or alive. I don't know if she's dead or alive really. I'm not good at not caring, especially about someone... yeah... especially about her.

Yeah. That's the long and short of it. yeah...

Yestarday I went to the Haight with my bro Roget. There's this place called Aoemeba music that has fucking EVERYTHING. I got Dead Milkmen and Against Me!, rockn. A friend of Roget's had given me a hand full of studs, a few cones, several pyramids, and a few spikes the night before so I had decided I'd have to make some modifications to my leather. $1 for 10 pyramids is a shitty price, but at least I got a story behind them. I also got a couple of spikes. So I put all that on my jacket and it's looking bad ass. Got a couple of patches too, a hammer and cicle and an anarchy sign, I have yet to put them on my jacket though. Ohh... I almost forgot my Johnny Cash shirt and my spiked watch. I was gonna get my lip pierced.... next time maybe... but it was like $90 for the two I wanted so...yeah.

God, I spent so much money I feel like a dirty capitalist. That money should have gone to the ACLU or EFF or something. grr...oh well. I tried to atone for my sins today by building my first linux cluster out of 3 800 boxes. I think they're linked, but I'm not entirely sure how to test them. They're a fileserver for a lab of 60 new dells. Fortunately I think the 10 meg bottleneck will between the 100 meg wireless room and the 10 meg network they'll be on might help a bit. Bah... I dunno I've never built a cluster. Oh, and I got offered like 20 or 30 computers all in the range of 100-500 or so mhz. I've been thinking of trying to make my own beowuf cluster just to see what can be done, but the power consumption would be insane for something that would be all of...erm...30 or 40 ghz.... wait....30-40 ghz... God, what a Q3 lan party I could host with that...OHHH or DOOM 3! God, it makes me want to get back into gaming. Bah... but I'm gonna try and get them into the community with basic linux installs. People need computers even if they can barely get on the internet and do basic word processing, that'd be a start.
Knowlege is power, and the internent is nearly an infinite reserve of the stuff. If we can empower the working class theres no end to what we can achieve.

Fuckwits abound
So I took statistics and English 1C (called 205, critical thinking, at mendo). In English 1C we had debates of sorts... So I'm explaining that capital punishment is a waste of money because when we put money in to schools it reduces crime in a way that killing people (to show that killing people is wrong) never does. What does she counter with? Something along the lines of "that will never work because think about the first people murder, Cain killed Able." Huh? I was so amazed someone would answer that way my only response was, "I'm sorry, but that's fiction."

God, I can't fucking stand people who are so out of touch with reality that they think that this little book is the answer to everything. "No, science is irrelevant, cause my book tells me God says your wrong!" Seems to me that was the excuse the Church used to try and crush the Copernican revolution. Fuck if they weren't right that time, eh? "No, psychology and social science couldn't possibly be trusted to tell us that economic and social disability are primary reasons for violence, that education has been proved time and time again to reduce violence, no. No, GOD told me that people kill each other cause they're filled with evil and an invisible man called the devil convinces them to." I'm sorry, but trying to divine understanding of human psychology from the bible is like trying to divine understanding about feline psychology from The Cat in the Hat! It's fucking absurd!

This same person who, after telling me how just and righteous it was to kill people even though her wonderful Jesus said, “let those who are without sin cast the first stone,” told me that abortion is wrong and life starts at conception (before brain function begins and consciousness is possible). Are these people high on crack? Listen to what The Almighty JEBUS says one moment... even to the point of threatening people and telling them they'll land in hell... then turn around and say fuck it all and kill people cause they're “guilty.” These are the people who firebomb abortion clinics.

How could someone so full of GOD and yet be for capital punishment? Cause we all know that nothing expresses God's unconditional love and infinite forgiveness Christians chanting for someone to be shot up with poison. Yes! Yes indeed! Nothing can more convey the Lord our Savior JESUS CHRIST and his message then a room full of CYANIDE GAS! God be praised for giving us these horrid and brutal ways of taking life in the name of his justice. You know, I wonder... What kind of execution would Jesus prefer for those who break the laws from which he supposedly came to free the world?
“OHHH, look Joe! The condemned has been filled with the HOLY SPIRIT! He's moving with the power of GOD!!” “No Reverend Billy Ray, I think he's moving with the power of 20,000 volts...”
These people live. They breath our air. They eat our food (and as children our paint chips). And they vote for George Bush. Fuck. What else can be said? Fuck.

As is clearly visable from my pic, I now have a mohawk. It's black (my natural hair color) with blond streeks. I'm happy. Now I need to get some more punk gear...

A blog is an exhibitionist's diary
So I'm no longer with my girlfriend. My dad is gone for a few days... I feel rather alone. On the up side I've had plenty of time to get my linux box up and running.
Getting a modem to work on a linux box is acutally quite a bit less of a hastle than I've been lead to believe. There's a little utility called scanModem from the people at linmodems that autodetects everything then tells you what driver you'll need to download and compile.
Precompiled drivers would be nice for the adverage end user, but it's only a matter of time. In the driver department Redhat Fedora is still about where windows 95 was back when it came out... on the other hand every distro is more stable, less expensive, and in many ways eaiser to use than XP.
....but back to the story. So given you've got the kernel development libraries it takes all of a couple of min to get your modem up and running without any problems.
So here I am, surfing with lynx and linux opera. I've been spending the most of the day downloading linux apps like xmame and trying to find the right themes for fluxbox, GkreLLM, and Opera that all work with eachother.

I'm too bloody tired to spellcheck this so if you've made it this far without an aneurysm, jolly good.


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